Thursday, July 25, 2013


Thursday, 25 July, 2013
St. James the Greater, Apostle & Martyr; Double II Class, Red
Commemoration of St. Christopher, Martyr

Office: Festal Office from the Common of Apostles. Solemn melody with regular doxology for all hymns at the Hours.

At Mattins, Invitatory Regem Apostolorum& hymn Aeterna Christi munera from the Common, 3 nocturnes - Antiphons (doubled) w/ Pss. 18, 33, 44, 46, 60, 63, 74, 96, & 98 and versicles from the Common,  1st. Nocturne - lessons & responds from the Common, 2nd. & 3rd. Nocturnes - lessons from the Proper w/ responds from the Common,  Te Deum.

At Lauds, 5 antiphons (doubled) Hoc est praeceptum meum etc. from the Common w/ Pss. 92, 99, 62 & 66, Benedicite, & 148-150, Chapter, Hymn Exsultet and Versicle from the Common, Benedictus Antiphon Vos qui reliquistis from the Common, Collect from the Proper, Commemoration of St. Christopher (Antiphon Qui odit, Versicle Justus ut palma, Collect proper), No Suffrages. 

At Prime, first antiphon (not doubled) from Lauds w/ Pss. 53, 118.1, & 118.2, No Preces, Short Lesson Ibant Apostoli from the Common.

At the Hours, 2nd. 3rd., & 5th. antiphons, respectively, from Lauds w/ the respective divisiones from Ps. 118, Chapter and Short Responsory from the Common, Collect from the Proper.

At Mass, after Terce, Gloria, Commemoration of St. Christopher, Credo, Preface of the Apostles (Solemn Tone), Ite Missa est.

At Vespers, 5 antiphons (doubled) Juravit (II Vespers)etc. from the Common w/ Pss. 109, 112, 115, 125, & 138, Chapter, Hymn Exsultet and Versicle from the Common, Magnificat antiphon Estote fortes from the Common, Collect from the Proper, Commemoration of the following St. Anne, Mother of the B.V.M. (Antiphon Simile est &Versicle Elegit from the Common of Non-Virgins, and Collect from the Proper), No Suffrages.

At Compline, No Preces, Salve Regina sung kneeling and in the Solemn Tone.

After Compline, the liturgical color changes to white for the feast of St. Anne the following day.


  1. What rank is S. Anne kept as? If Double II Class then wouldn't she have I Vespers entire?

  2. St. Anne was eliminated from the Kalendar by Pius V, but as this one of his not well-founded moves, it was soon added back in the 16th. century as a Double feast. The CTO is keeping her feast as a Double Major; hence, the full second Vespers for St. James.

    St. Joachim, also eliminated in 1568, will be observed as a Semidouble on 16 August.