Thursday, August 22, 2013

IX ante Kalendas Septembris, MMXIII

Saturday, 24 August, 2013
St. Bartholomew, Apostle & Martyr; Double II Class, Red

Office: Festal Office from the Proper for the feast and the Common of Apostles. Solemn melody and regular doxology for all hymns at the Hours.

At Mattins, Invitatory Regem Apostorum & Hymn Aeterna Christi munera from the Common, 3 nocturnes - Antiphons (doubled) w/ Pss. 18, 33, 44, 46, 60, 63, 74, 96, & 98 from the Common; 1st. nocturne - lessons & responds from the Common, 2nd. & 3rd. Nocturnes - lessons from the Proper w/ responds from the Common, Te Deum.

At Lauds, Antiphons Hoc est praeceptum meum etc. (doubled) w/ Pss. 92, 99, 62 & 66, Benedicite, & 148-150, Chapter, Hymn Exsultet, and Versicle from the Common, Benedictus Antiphon Vos qui reliquistis from the Common, Collect from the Proper, No Commemorations nor Suffrages.

At Prime, first antiphon from Lauds w/ Pss. 53, 118.1 & 118.2, No Preces, Short Lesson Ibant Apostoli from the Common.

At the Hours, 2nd., 3rd., & 5th. antiphons, respectively, from Lauds w/ the respective divisiones of Ps. 118; Chapter & Short Respond from the Common, Collect from the Proper.

At Mass, after Terce, Gloria, No Commemorations, Credo, Preface of the Apostles (Solemn Tone), Ite Missa est.

At 2nd. Vespers, Antiphons Juravit etc. (doubled) w/ Pss. 109, 112, 115, 125, & 138 from the Common, Chapter, Hymn Exsultet and Versicle from the Common, Magnificat Antiphon Estote fortes from the Common, Collect from the Proper, Commemorations of the following 14th. Sunday after Pentecost (Saturday before the 4th. Sunday of August - Antiphon Sapientia, Versicle Vespertina, Collect of the Sunday) and of St. Louis IX, King & Confessor (Antiphon Similabo, Versicle Amavit, Collect from the Proper), No Suffrages.

At Compline, No Preces, Salve Regina sung standing and in the Solemn Tone.

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