Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kalendis Augusti

Thursday, 1 August, 2013
St. Peter in Chains; Double Major, Red
Commemorations of Ss. Paul and of the Holy Maccabees, Martyrs

Office: Festal Office from the Common of Apostles and the Proper. Ordinary melody with regular doxology for all hymns at the Hours.

At Mattins, Invitatory Regem Apostolorum from the Common & Hymn Quodcumque  from the Proper, 3 nocturnes - antiphons (doubled) w/ Pss. 18, 33, 44, 46, 60, 63, 74, 96, & 98 from the Common; lessons and responds at all three nocturnes from the Proper, 9th. lesson of the Holy Maccabees, Te Deum.

At Lauds, Antiphons Herodes Rex, etc. (doubled) from the Proper w/ Pss. 92, 99, 62 & 66, Benedicite, & 148-150, Chapter, Hymn Beate Petre & Versicle from the Proper, Benedictus Antiphon Quodcumque
from the Proper, Collect from the Proper, Commemorations of Ss. Paul (Antiphon Sancte Paule, Versicle Tu es vas, Collect from the Proper) and of the Holy Maccabees (Antiphon Vestri capilli, Versicle Exsultabunt, Collect from the Proper), No Suffrages.

At Prime, Pss. 53, 118.1 & 118.2, No Preces, Short Lesson Et Petrus from the Proper.

At Mass, after Terce, Gloria, Commemorations of Ss. Paul and of the Holy Maccabees, Credo, Preface of the Apostles (Solemn Tone), Ite Missa est.

At 2nd. Vespers, Antiphons Herodes Rex, etc. (doubled) from the Proper w/ Pss. 109, 112, 115, 125, & 138 as in the Common; Chapter, Hymn Miris modis & Versicle from the Proper, Magnificat Antiphon
Solve as in the Proper, Collect as in the Proper, Commemorations of St. Paul (same as at Lauds), the following St. Alphonsus, Bishop, Confessor, & Doctor (Antiphon O Doctor, Versicle Amavit, Collect from the Proper) and St. Stephen I, Pope & Martyr (Antiphon Iste Sanctus, Versicle Gloria et honore, Collect from the Common of One Martyr), No Suffrages.

At Compline, Te lucis in the Ordinary melody with the regular doxology, No Preces, Salve Regina sung kneeling and in the Simple Tone.

After Compline, the liturgical color changes to white for the following feast of. St. Alphonsus, Bishop, Confeessor, & Doctor; Semidouble.

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