Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kalendis Novembris, MMXIII

Friday, 1 November, 2013
All Saints; Double I Class, White w/ Octave

Office: Festal Office from the Proper. Solemn melody with the regular doxology for all hymns at the Hours.

At Mattins, Invitatory Regem regum & Hymn Christe, Redemptor omnium from the Proper; 3 nocturnes - Antiphons Novit Dominus, etc. (doubled) w/ Pss. 1, 4, 8, 14, 23, 31, 33, 60 & 96 from the Proper; lessons and responds from the Proper at all nocturnes, Te Deum.

At Lauds, Antiphons Vidi turbam magnam, etc.(doubled) from the Proper w/ Pss. 92, 99, 62 & 66, Benedicite, and 148-150, Chapter, Hymn Salutis aeternae, Versicle, and Benedictus Antiphon Te gloriosus from the Proper, Collect from the Proper; No Commemorations or Suffrages.

At Prime, first antiphon (not doubled) from Lauds w/ Pss. 53, 118.1 & 118.2, No Preces, Verse in short respond = Qui sedes, Short Lesson Benedictio from the Proper.

At the Hours, antiphons 2, 3,& 5 from Lauds w/ the respective divisiones of Ps. 118, rest as in the Proper.

At Mass (after Terce), Gloria, No Commemorations, Credo, Common Preface (Solemn Tone), Ite missa est.

At 2nd. Vespers, Antiphons Vidi turbam magnam, etc. (doubled) w/  Pss. 109, 110, 111, 112, & 115 from the Proper; Chapter, Hymn Christe, Redemptor omnium, & Versicle from the Proper, Magnificat Antiphon O quam gloriosum from the Proper; Collect from the Proper, No Commemorations or Suffrages, after Benedicamus Domino omit Fidelium.

After the Benedicamus Domino of second Vespers of All Saints, the liturgical color changes to black for the Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed, and Vespers of the Dead are then sung immediately.

At Vespers of the Dead, No Introduction, Antiphons Placebo Domino, etc. (doubled) with Pss. 114, 119, 120, 129, & 137 from the Votive Office of the Dead (Requiem aeternam replaces Gloria Patri), No Chapter or Hymn, Versicle Audivi and Magnificat antiphon Omne from the Votive Office, Pater noster, Preces, and Collect as given in the Proper and sung kneeling, Requiescant in pace.

At Compline, No Short Lesson, starts with Confiteor and Blessing & Absolution, No Antiphon, Pss. 4, 30.1-6, 90, & 133 recited without chant* while seated, No Hymn, Chapter, or Short Responsory, Nunc Dimittis recited standing without antiphon, Pater noster and all that follows for the conclusion of Vespers sung kneeling, No Marian Anthem.

* Ad libitum, the special melody for the psalms and canticle at Compline found in post-1911 editions of the Liber Usualis may be used.

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