Friday, December 20, 2013

XIII ante Kalendas Januarii - O Clavis David - Vigilia S. Thomae

Friday, 20 December 2013
Ember Friday of Advent; Simple, Violet
At Mass only: Comm. of the Vigil of St. Thomas the Apostle

Office: Ferial Office of Advent. Hymns at the Hours are sung in the Advent melody with the regular doxologies. Today is a kneeling day through None inclusive, that is, at all Preces and Collects in the Office and likewise at Mass for the Collect(s), from the Sanctus-Communion, and the Postcommunion(s) all, save the officiant/celebrant, kneel.

At Mattins: Invitatory Prope est jam Dominus, Hymn Verbum supernum, 1 nocturne = antiphons and psalms from the Psalter for Friday, proper Versicle for Advent, 3 lessons and responds from the occurring Scripture (Ember Friday, Week III Advent), No Te Deum.

At Lauds: Antiphons Constantes estote, etc. from the Proper for the Friday before Christmas Eve w/ psalms from the Psalter for Friday, ChapterHymn Vox clara ecce intonat, and Versicle as given for Feriae of Advent, Benedictus antiphon Ex quo facta est from the Proper, Ferial Preces, Collect from the Proper for Ember Friday, No Commemorations or Suffrages.

At Prime: First antiphon from Lauds w/ Pss. 53, 21, 118.1, and 118.2; Chapter Pacem, Verse in short respond = Qui venturus es in  mundum, Ferial Preces, Short Lesson Domine, miserere for the Advent season.

At the Hours: Respective antiphons from Lauds w/ the respective divisiones of Ps. 118, Chapter, Hymn, and Short Respond from the Ferial Office of Advent, Ferial Preces, Collect as at Lauds.

At Mass (after None, celebrated in violet): Proper Mass for the Ember Day, No Gloria, Comm. of the Vigil, 3rd.. orations taken from the seasonal Marian commemorations, No Credo, Common Preface (Advent Preface ad libitum), Benedicamus Domino, Proper Last Gospel of the Vigil.

In places outside of conventual Masses when allowed: Second Mass of the Vigil of St. Thomas w/o commemorations or Proper Last Gospel of the Ember Day. At the earlier Mass of the Ember Day, the Vigil and its Proper Last Gospel are not commemorated.

After None/Mass, the liturgical color changes to red for the following feast of St. Thomas the Apostle; Double II Class. The Advent melody for the hymns at Compline and the Hours remains in effect.

At Vespers: Antiphons Hoc est praeceptum meum, etc. w/ Pss. 109, 110, 111, 112, & 116 from the Common of Apostles, Chapter, Hymn Exsultet, and Versicle from the Common, Magnificat antiphon Quia vidisti, Thoma from the Proper, Collect from the Proper for the feast, Commemoration of the Feria (Antiphon = O Clavis David, Versicle Rorate, Collect of the preceding Sunday), No Suffrages.

At Compline: No Preces, Alma Redemptoris Mater sung in the Solemn Tone, kneeling.

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