Monday, April 21, 2014

Octava Paschae, etc.

Surrexit Dominus vere, alleluia! Happy Pascha to all CTO readers!

Being immersed in the rites of the Triduum and in the joyous festivities of these days, our posting here has been limited. Following are a few kalendrical notes to carry us through this great Octave and beyond.

Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday of the Paschal Octave are Doubles of the First Class. No feasts may be kept these days and no commemorations of saints are admitted. Hence, this year St. Anselm (Bishop, Confessor, & Doctor; CTO Semidouble) on 21 April is not observed. The pope-martyrs, Ss. Soter & Cajus (a CTO Simple) on 22 April are also not kept. Interestingly, both of these feasts are not on the 1568/1570 Kalendar, but owing to the first being a Doctor of the Church and the second celebrating martyrs of antiquity, we think it plausible to place them in the Sanctorale, though they won't be observed this year.

Wednesday-Saturday of the Paschal Octave are days of Semidouble rite but being that this Octave is privileged, no feasts may be kept on these days also, but they may be commemorated or transferred as this case may be. On 23 April, St. George, Martyr (Simple) is commemorated (both at Vespers on Tuesday evening and Lauds and Mass on Wednesday morning). The CTO does not admit post-Tridentine St. Fidelis of Sigmarigen, Martyr, on 24 April as a universal feast. 25 April is the Greater Litanies which remain observed on this Friday; the Rogation Mass is commemorated in the Mass of the Friday within the Octave and the Litany of the Saints is sung after Lauds. The Double II Class of St. Mark, Evangelist, however, is transferred to Monday, 28 April. On Saturday, 26 April, Ss. Cletus & Marcellinus, Pope-Martyrs (CTO Simple), are commemorated.

The first week after the Paschal Octave:

Sunday, 27 April - Low Sunday, Double Major, White. Comm. of St. Peter Canisius, Confessor & Doctor (Semidouble feast). First Vespers of the following day w/ Comms. of Sunday and St. Peter Canisius.

Monday, 28 April  - St. Mark, Evangelist, Double II Class, Red (transferred from 25 April). II Vespers of the feast w/ Comm. of the following.

Tuesday, 29 April - St. Justin, Martyr, Double, Red (transferred from 14 April). II Vespers of the feast w/ Comm. of the following.

Wednesday, 30 April - St. Catherine of Siena, Semidouble, White. At Lauds, Suffrage of the Cross during Paschaltide. I Vespers of the following w/ Comm. of the preceding.

Thursday, 1 May - Ss. Philip & James, Apostles, Double II Class, Red. II Vespers of the feast w/ Comm. of the following.

Friday, 2 May - St. Athanasius, Bishop, Confessor, & Doctor, Double, White. I Vespers of the following w/ Comm. of the preceding.

Saturday, 3 May - Finding of the Holy Cross, Double II Class, Red. Comm. of Ss. Alexander, Eventius, Theodulus, Martyrs & St. Juvenalis, Bishop & Confessor. II Vespers of the feast w/ Comms. of the following Sunday & St. Monica.

The CTO does not admit:
St. Paul of the Cross on 28 April - local cult
St. Peter of Verona on 29 April - religious order specific
Jerz the Werz on 1 May - no explanation needed!


  1. I remember reading an introduction to St Athanasius' "On the Incarnation" which lamented that the saint is liturgically obscured in the Roman rite, losing first Vespers to Ss Philip & James and second Vespers to the Invention of the Holy Cross. I laughed laughter of fear and embarrassment!

    1. Poor St. Athanasius! How ironic it is that only in 1962ville does he get a Vespers (second) to himself. How strange also it will be to sing "Vexilla Regis" and "Pange lingua...proelium certaminis" again so soon after Pascha!