Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sanctorale Junii

The month of June caps our year-long endeavor to produce a reasonable Sanctorale had the Kalendar been updated only sparingly since the time of S. Pius V. Therefore, this will be the last installment of posts for the proposed Sanctorale. While the Ordo will still be updated from time to time, there will be more posts to explore some of the finer intricacies of the 1568 Breviarium Romanum such as comparisons of the hymns pre and post Urban VIII, etc. As always we welcome criticisms and suggestions.

Changes from the 1570 kalendar are bolded:

1. Feria
2. Ss. Marcellinus, Peter, & Erasmus, Mm; Simplex, Red
3. Feria
4. Feria
5. S. Boniface, BM; Simplex, Red
6. S. Norbert, BC; Simplex, White
7. Feria
8. Feria
9. Ss. Primus & Felicianus, Mm; Simplex, Red
10. Feria
11. S. Barnabas, A; Duplex Majus, Red
12. Ss. Basilides, Cyrinus, Nabor, & Nazarius, Mm; Simplex, Red
13. S. Anthony of Padua, C; Simplex, White
14. S. Basil the Great, BCD; Duplex, White
15. Ss. Vitus, Modestius, & Crescentiana, Mm; Simplex, Red
16. Feria
17. Feria
18. S. Ephrem, CD; Semiduplex*, White. Comm. Ss. Mark & Marcellian, Mm.
19. Ss. Gervasius & Protasius, Mm; Simplex, Red
20. S. Silverius, PM; Simplex, Red
21. Feria
22. S. Paulinus, BC; Simplex, White
23. Vigil of S. John the Baptist; Simplex, Violet
24. Nativity of S. John the Baptist; Duplex I Classis, White w/ Octave
25. Within the Octave; Semiduplex, White.
26. Ss. John & Paul, Mm; Semiduplex, Red. Comm. of Octave.
27. Within the Octave; Semiduplex, White
28. S. Leo II, PC; Semiduplex. White. Comm. of Octave.
29. Ss. Peter & Paul, Aa; Duplex I Classis, Red w/ Octave
30. Commemoration of S. Paul, A; Duplex Majus, Red. Comm. Octave of S. John the Baptist only.

* Last year, we had St. Ephrem ranked as a Simple feast, a rendering which predated our later settled policy to accord all Doctors, both Eastern and Western, the minimal rank of Semidouble.

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