Friday, March 27, 2015

Dominica Palmarum MMXV

Each day of Majoris Hebdomadae the CTO will feature a detailed daily Ordo.

Sunday, 29 March, 2015
Palm Sunday
Semiduplex-I Classis, Violet

At Mattins: Invitatory Hodie si vocem audieritis w/ Ps. 94 (no Gloria Patri) and hymn Pange lingua gloriosi praeliam certaminis of Passiontide, antiphons and psalms from the Psalter for Sunday (Gloria Patri is sung after each psalm), versicles proper for Passiontide, lessons and responds from the Proper (no Gloria Patri in the third, sixth, and ninth responds), no Te Deum.

At Lauds: Antiphons proper w/ Pss. 50, 117, 62-66, Benedicite, and 148-149-150, Chapter proper for the Sunday, Hymn Lustra sex w/ versicle Eripe of Passiontide, Bened. Ant. proper, Collect proper, no Commemorations.

At Prime: Hymn Jam lucis sung in the melody for Passiontide, first antiphon from Lauds w/ Pss. 53, 92, 118.1, 118.2, and Quicumque, Chapter Regi, Short Respond - no Gloria Patri, Dominical Preces, Short Lesson Faciem for Passiontide.

At Terce, Sext, and None: Hymns sung in the melody for Passiontide, antiphons two, three, and five from Lauds, respectively, w/ the respective divisi of Ps. 118, Chapter proper, Short Responds of Passiontide, Collect of the Sunday.

After Terce, the Celebrant in violet cope and the sacred ministers in violet folded chasubles enter the sanctuary for the Asperges. The sprinkling finished, the Missa Sicca begins at the Epistle corner, where also the palms to be blessed are placed. The Missa Sicca finished and the palms blessed, the palms are distributed in descending order of clergy and then to the laity (the recipient kissing the hand of the celebrant and then the palm) whilst the Pueri Hebraeorum chants are sung. The procession then takes place at the end of which the Subdeacon carrying the veiled processional cross knocks its staff on the closed doors before reentering the church. The Ingrediente is then sung and the Celebrant exchanges his cope for a chasuble. The Mass then begins as usual; there is no Gloria and only one collect for the Sunday. The Subdeacon, removing his folded chasuble, sings the Epistle in the usual way, and then resumes his chasuble. The Gradual and Tract are sung; near the end of the Tract, three deacons in amice, alb, cincture, and stole enter and proceed to sing the Passion according to S. Matthew, in three voices, at lecterns on the Gospel side. Before the last paragraph, the Deacon of the Mass removes his folded chasuble and dons the broad stole, says the Munda Cor, and the ministers line up in the usual way to chant the Gospel, incense only (no candles) being borne. After the Passion and Gospel, the rest of the Mass proceeds as usual (the deacon resumes his chasuble after Communion), Credo, Preface of the Holy Cross, Benedicamus Domino, Last Gospel In principio.

At II Vespers, sung at the usual afternoon/evening time: antiphons and psalms from the Psalter for Sunday, chapter proper, hymn Vexilla Regis w/ versicle Eripe for Passiontide, Magnif. Ant. proper, Collect proper, no Commemorations.

At Compline: Hymn Te lucis sung in the melody of Passiontide, Preces sung standing.

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