Friday, April 3, 2015

Feria Sexta in Parasceve MMXV

Each day of Majoris Hebdomadae the CTO will feature a detailed daily Ordo.

Friday, 3 April 2015
Good Friday
Duplex I Classis, Black

Late in the evening on Maundy Thursday, 15 unbleached wax candles are lit on a triangular candelabrum (hearse); these will be extinguished one by one, starting from the bottom ends on up, after each psalm of Mattins and Lauds is sung The Office today is completely Proper and is stripped bare to its primitive form. The minor doxology Gloria Patri is now omitted entirely until the Paschal Vigil Mass. There is no Invitatory or Hymn; the lessons are read without conclusions and no responses are made. Mattins begin immediately with the first antiphon; three nocturnes as in the Proper, no Te Deum.

At Lauds: Antiphons from the Proper w/ Pss. 50, 142, 62-66, Canticle of Habacuc, and 148-149-150, there is no Chapter or Hymn, Bened. Ant. proper. The Benedictus sung, the lights of the church are extinguished, and the solitary lit candle atop the hearse is taken and hidden behind the altar whilst the Christus factus estPater noster, Ps. 50 again, and Collect are prayed. The Collect's conclusion is said silently, and then there is the loud strepitus. The candle is returned to the hearse, extinguished, and all depart in silence. There is no final Marian antiphon until Compline of Holy Saturday.

Traditional Good Friday Rite with Pope John XXIII in 1959
Early in the morning, the Little Hours are prayed consecutively. These are recited without chant; all begin immediately with the usual psalms for these Hours after which follow the Christus factus estPater noster, Ps, 50, and Collect (again the conclusion is silent). The Martyrology is omitted today.

After None, the Mass of the Presanctified is celebrated; the vestments and altar crucifix veil are black. The deacon and subdeacon wear folded chasubles. The proper Liturgy follows with two lessons and Passion according to S. John, the solemn collects, the veneration of the Cross, the great procession of the Blessed Sacrament from the repository whilst the regal Vexilla Regis is sung, and the Presanctified Mass proper. Communion is not distributed to the faithful, and Vespers immediately follow (recited or sung per ad libitum chants for the antiphons). The altar is stripped again after Vespers.

Compline is recited, not sung, in the later afternoon/early evening without candles or ceremony. The Confiteor, Misereatur, and Indulgentiam are prayed and then Pss. 4, 30 (1-6), 90, and 133 followed by the Nunc Dimittis. All then kneel and recite the Christus factus estPater noster, Ps, 50, and Collect Visita quaesumus (again the conclusion is silent).

Later in the evening, Tenebrae of Holy Saturday; details in the next entry.

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