Sunday, October 11, 2015


In 2013, inspired by a series of posts from TheRadTrad, we began this Ordo blog to showcase what a reform of the Roman Kalendar could have been had S. Pius X in 1911-13 followed the same general principles of his predecessor S. Pius V in 1568-1570. The number of newer saints' feasts to be added after 1570 would have been only very few, and among them there would be fewer still to have been accorded either universal observance or the rank of Duplex/Double or both in contrast to what actually occurred in the 350 or so years between the two pontificates. The Roman Psalter, the Canon of the Roman Breviary, would have both survived de jure and been restored to fuller usage de facto in this alternative history.

After over two years of providing weekly and daily Ordines, we feel that this project has been well demonstrated and had run its course. Also, the author of this Ordo now moves onto more concrete and time consuming restorations happening at the local level. Please continue to read TheRadTrad and the author's personal blog "Benedicamus Domino" for further discussions of all matters and restorations liturgical.


P.S. This blog will remain active for anyone to continue to reference our proposed kalendar.

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  1. Thanks again for this! I've been using this as a basis to say the Monastic Office, which I'm partial to, but making the same alterations (pre-1911, with some post-1911 feasts, and less pre-1911 feasts and demoting doubles to semi-doubles, etc.). I am well pleased with the result as well.