Monday, January 1, 2018

Return of the CTO

There has been continued interest and support for the goals of the Current Tridentine Ordo (CTO). Personally, I continue to use it myself. To recap, the purpose of the CTO is simply twofold:

1. Preserve the Roman Psalter of the Breviary as codified by Pius V
2. Restore the balance of the same Pius V between the Temporale and Sanctorale by clearing the Kalendar of most of the post-Tridentine era saints, either eliminating or reducing most feasts of Duplex rank, with the understanding that most of these feasts belong on local kalendars only.

This is, in the opinion of this author, and several others the approach which should have been taken in the lead up to Divino Afflatu rather than the fabricated new psalter which came about in 1911. The balance of the Kalendar could have been restored without sacrificing the venerable Roman Psalter, yea the Canon of the Roman Breviary.

That said, there are few organic developments which occurred after 1570 and even in the 1911-13 reforms which merit either adoption or at least a respectful consideration to bring the Roman Breviary of Pius V to the current day. One of these is the Leo XIII change of disallowing the transfer of Semiduplex feasts which occur on Sundays; the CTO adopts this and reduces said feasts to commemorations at both sets of Vespers, Lauds, and Mass; only Duplex feasts retain the right of transfer, if they are not otherwise superseding a minor Sunday. Another is the borrowing, in part, of the Pius X "Simplex Octave", but not in the way of Divino Afflatu, but in line with some traditions of other Western Rite Breviaries; ergo, some of the lesser octaves undergo a "Simplex-ification" in the CTO. For example, the Octave of the Immaculate Conception is reduced to a Simplex Octave in order to give Advent more prominence; this means the six days within are of Simplex rank and hence yield to the Feriae of Advent, but the octave is still commemorated each day at Lauds, Mass, and Vespers. The Octave Day remains as a Duplex. Therefore, the true nature of an octave is preserved even with a Simplex rank.

It has been asked if the entire CTO Kalendarium can be produced, and I aim to do just that in the coming days. The Kalendarium will be exclusively the Universal Kalendar, not taking into account local, regional, and national feasts.